viernes, 1 de diciembre de 2006

The Power of Confidence

There are many times in my life where I believe I should be someplace else. There are many times I feel on the edge right before falling. Then I realize there is no one around to catch me if I fall... So, I start believing, first of all, in myself.
Then I find deep inside me the power of confidence. It's an irony that the times that I see and feel worse, are in fact the times where I grow stronger, because there is no one, but me, to believe in.
I constantly try to improve myself. I'm never going to be stuck inside a world I hate, because I will always make it my own world.
I truly believe in myself and I reflect that every single day of my life. That way the people around me will notice and say: "Wow, she is a great person."
That I didn't found in a book, that I didn't found in someone else. But I found it inside me... And The Power of Confidence.

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F. K. Woods dijo...

Life is bitch, specially for us that feel alone... well u got the point, learn to trust ur self adn u'll see there's no one else on ur side... I can't wait to read some more...