lunes, 25 de diciembre de 2006


I wish I could cry, scream my lungs out and yell in pain... But as hard as I try, as much it hurts to know that nobody is listening to my demands.

I just want love, I need it so bad. Where is that promised soul mate that all of us have? I've been searching for mine so hard that I just lose it forever...

Where are you my dreamed love, I keep calling you but there is no answer.

Should I just stop looking for you?I feel so uncherished, so empty and alone.

Now I can't burst into tears no more because I already cried them all expecting for you to come and rescue me... But you never showed up.

I'm angry at you for not being real, for not being here, for not letting me know you...

2 comentarios:

F. K. Woods dijo...

Look in the mirror... u are ur real love... now look to ur right... he's ur real soulmate!!!

caminante dijo...

Gia: i have just one cuestion for you.
you wrote this? i mean is this yours?
its so deep & beauful wow, gave me goosebombs.
you gonna see me around here very often. i just love your writing so get use to me ;-D